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Music and drama to be presented by Dry Creek Baptist
Dry Creek Flashes
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We say hello and a special thanks to all who sent Thanksgiving wishes to us during the past holidays, Jerry and Brenda Parker, our good friends from Murfreesboro; Marlene Prichard, the nicest person we know in Alexandria; Marlene’s dear mother Willete Scott, who she sees to her needs; Susan Hinton and her mother, Frances Frazier; our dear friend Joel Dawes and husband, Harold, who sent a most needed gift; and to our daughters Deborah and Wayne Fuston and Peggy and Carroll Thomas, thanks to you for the phone calls.Debbie O’Conner of Goodletsville is spending some time with her mother Helen Burt, and taking therapy at the DeKalb Community Hospital Therapy Center in Smithville. Debbie is still recovering from surgery. We are happy to know that she is getting needed therapy.