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There was always help during tough the times
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Donnie and Dianne Evans and Nathan and Allie Evans spent the weekend in the Smoky Mountains. Dianne was celebrating her birthday early.Louise and Virginia Jones was in McMinnville shopping recently.Barbara Lawson visited Sue Arnold recently.Recent visitors of Betty Wilson were Betty Byford, Faye Adkins, Arson Lin, Rebecca Ervin, JoAnn Pittman, Brandon Rackley, Dianne Evans, Treva Hawkins, Brenda Bates, and Claire Waggoner.Recent visitors of Phil and Susan George were James and Carolyn Walden of Alexandria and Beulah Arnold. Remember Phil in your prayers, that he will soon get better.Visitors of Kim and Mark Violet and Spencer Stanfield were Hunter and Nicole Stanfield and boys, Rebecca Ervin, Ashli Chew and Hayden Ervin.