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Rain is welcome
News from the Mountain
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Nothing like the beautiful sound of the rain hitting the roof this Monday night. Everyone welcoming the rainfall, after this long dry spell. We’ve had it rough around here but the people in East Tennessee have had if far worse and need a lot of rain to help with the drought and all those wildfires burning buildings and acres of land in and around Gatlinburg. Sure hope they get more rain with the second front of rain coming through tonight. We got an inch and almost three tenths of rain last night after I checked our rain gauge this morning. Keep everyone there in your prayers.


Yesterday on the TV they showed this lady that was 117 years old. Asked what she did to live this long and she said she ate 2 two eggs and I think it was some chocolate chip cookies each day. Thought about the fridge and the eggs in that egg carton. I’ve got this covered with the eggs but no cookies do I have in the cabinet. Will have to make a run to Short Mountain Market that is close by. A small country store doesn’t carry too many packages of chocolate chip cookies I’m thinking so I had better get a move on in case my neighbors saw the lady on TV and are about to make a run on the store, too. We all want to live longer don’t we? I was checking a small can of ham the other day and it was good until the year 2021. Folks, that’s five years from now. Whatever is in that can of ham is preserving it a long time from now? Just like my tuna in water that is good for a few years, I believe I can be preserved as well, if I’m eating these products. If we’ve not tried this, let’s not knock it. A few years added to our longevity here sounds awfully good to me.


Please keep in your prayers: Carlon and Mai Nell Melton, Denise Stanton, and Charlie Mai Daniel.


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Have a great day!


The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart. Psalms 34:18