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Reminiscing 8-16
Funeral home director has artistic side
Some of Kirbys artwork involves his nephew Zack who he treats to a Halloween mask.
At six feet, six inches, with a football linebacker’s build and a personal best of 465 pounds on the bench press, Chad Kirby strikes an intimidating presence initially, but once you know the funeral director of Love-Cantrell Funeral Home, you’ve discovered a gentle giant with a creative imagination and an enviable artistic ability, a talent he discovered when he was just starting school.“I was just ate up with the desire to draw when I was a kid,” said Kirby. “When I was in class, I was always doodling. If one of my friends drew something that I felt was better than mine, it would drive me crazy to the point that I kept perfecting everything about it.”“When I got about eight or nine, it started becoming a thing where my drawing really took off, and I started kind of seeing that maybe I had potential to do something with it,” Kirby recalls.His driving force was cartoons and comic books.“When I would get a comic book, I never got them to read.