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Reporter Grilled at DWS Career Day

This reporter had the privilege of being a part of Career Day at DeKalb West School last Thursday, and got to meet students from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Several people from around the county took part in the event, including County Mayor Tim Stribling, and firefighters with the DeKalb County Volunteer Fire Department.

During the address to the students I explained how I write and do news photography for the 130 year old Smithville Review, but students managed to put me on the hot seat with their questions afterwards.

Some of the top questions were, have I ever met Pitbull, and what is my favorite food. The answer to the first was “no” and the second being “fried shrimp.”

One student asked, “Does anyone read the newspaper anymore?” to which I responded, “I certainly hope so.” Surely the FBI or CIA doesn’t induce the amount of sweat that was emanating from my pores on that day.

Another question was “How long have I been doing this?” A very good question I thought, to which I answered about 25 years. His next question was, “Well, how old are you?” Taking a deep breath I answered the question openly and honestly. “I’m 29 years old.”

Foiled by the excellent math teachers at DeKalb West School, I could see numbers running through many of the student’s heads. It wasn’t long before a hand was raised, with a statement rather than a query. “Um, that would make you four years old when you started.”

Humiliated and discredited, I had been found out. Another student pointed out my physical appearance, stating that they had never seen a 29-year-old with gray hair. I quickly corrected their misconception, pointing out that I do not have gray hair, but rather adult blond. I don’t think they were convinced.

Nevertheless, it was an enlightening and informative day, I enjoyed meeting all of the students and answering their questions with enthusiasm at what I now refer to as the DeKalb West Incident. Next time I will have an attorney present during the question and answer session.