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Summer already here
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New Home News with Barbara Ann Ervin

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. Also maybe you visited a cemetery or remembered a fallen soldier. Memorial Day became a Federal Holiday in 1971. It is a day of mourning, honoring or remembering military who died while serving our country in the Armed Forces. When I was a small child I remember the VFW passing out the red poppy flowers in remembrance of the soldiers. Many mothers wore them who had lost a son during the war.

While the first day of summer is June 20 I think it is already here. People are traveling now to beach and to visit families. The airport is up and running and crowded as usual. Gas is a bit higher now than it was last summer so plan out your trips to make enjoyable stops along the way. Vacation is a great time of year for everyone to enjoy. Just pick your place to go and plan ahead while traveling. Always have different option when you want to go to a park in cause of rain or it just being too crowded. After all while you wait an hour in line to ride a ride or enter a park you could have done something else maybe more enjoyable. It is not where you go it is who you are spending your time with and make memories. Some of my favorite childhood memories was going to the creek and playing in the creek and camping out with family and friends. I am older now so the tent would have to be a cabin and the creek maybe a pool. What I am trying to say is enjoy the time you have with family and friends we are not promised tomorrow.

Please keep in prayer the family of Betty Fisk. And pray for the lost and the sick and most of all our country.

May God bless you all and keep you safe.

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