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Take time to hug a child
News from the Mountain
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Will try my best to keep one of my New Year’s resolutions to show the love of Jesus by showing kindness and compassion to others I come in contact with each and every day. I also, want always to be a help and not a hindrance in people’s loves.


Got to be in the Lord’s house last Sunday to praise and worship Him. Hope you did too.


Read with interest the column in the Review (January 6, 2016 from Thurman Seber) "Take time to hug a child". They do need a hug every now and then so give them one. Children look up to us and they are listening when you think they are not paying attention to you. They need good role models to teach them right from wrong. These young boys and girls see by example how we lead our lives and thus will do the same in their growing up years. "Aubrey" always told me how you treat a child good or bad they will always remember. To prove that point, after Aubrey’s passing, one day while outside our mailbox redoing flowers, numbers and etc. on it, a Mr. RIchey going by on his tractor stopped to chat for just a few minutes reflecting on his sadness in Aubrey's passing. The man said he called his son in West Tennessee to tell him what had happened to Aubrey. Mr. Richey asked his son did he remember Aubrey and his dad John doing dozer work for years and years ago for them? His son who now had a family of his own said yes as Aubrey had got off the dozer one day to let John run it for a while and asked the then young boy if he wanted to go to the store? The boy said yes and he said that man got him a cold drink and a candy bar. That boy all grown up now remembered the kindness Aubrey showed him because Aubrey loved kids.


If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429. Have a great day!


He leadeth me beside still waters. He restoreth my soul. Psalms 23: 2, 3