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The Amen Corner
Halloween Downtown this Friday
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It's obvious that Halloween is just around the corner with all the pumpkins seen at the fruit stands and some on porches awaiting for the big day. I noticed some trees got the famous toilet paper rolling.


The town businesses are ready to be "trick or treated" stations for the little spooks on Friday evening.


Meanwhile Sarah Cripps has organized town scenes depicting some of Smithville's heinous murders of which I've heard my mother talk about. The Presswood hanging was a local event and he was the man who killed our great grandmother down near Sligo. All this history will be told on Friday, Oct. 30 at the DAC Store, 110 W. Walnut Street at 6:00 p.m. for $10 which includes hotdog, drink and dessert. Funds will go for building a new animal shelter.


Congratulations to the women honored at the recent BPW banquet. They include Jamie Dawson, (Young Woman of Achievement Award); Woman of Achievement Award to Royce Odom and Woman of the Year Award to Melissa Yarborough.


Patsy Swindle of Nashville and Fay Nixon visited me last Friday. We decided on a date of the next High School Sisters Gathering which will be on Saturday, Nov. 14 at noon. We will meet at Fay 's new home on Love Lane. A round robin letter is in the process of going around. Stay tuned on what to bring.


Get-well wishes to Laird Barnard, Ray Donald Webb, Ron Mollinet, Sara Brown, Charmaine Mitchell, Ron Rogers, Aubrey Wright, Barry Miller, Aileen Clark, Shannon Cantrell, Suzanne Prater, Jerry Lee Cantrell, Jerry Williams and Anderson Webb on his mission trip


Happy Birthday in October: Matthew Cooper, Sandra Wall, Julie Griffin, Joe Loring, Rachel Cripps McCarter, Joseph Greek, Miranda Waggoner, Tom Theriaque. Anita Puckett, Caroline McCarter, Jean Meyers, Russell Oliver, Pauline Cantrell, Juanita Hooper, Mike Clendenen, Gail Bishop, Jeremy Hatfield, Lillie Vaughn, Hannah Brown, Linda Alford, Adam James, Westley James, Betsy Driver, Betty Jo Hardiman, Martha Webb, Lucy Foutch, Rev. Terry Little, Tom Hill, Brenda Hooper, William Blair, Annette Greek, Harold Martin, Dennis Stanley and Glenda Adkins Watson.


Coming up is Daylight Saving Time ending on Nov. 1. Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour. (Yeah, we get an extra hour of sleep.) Amen.