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The Amen Corner
Headstart kicks off August 27
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Hard to believe that August is half gone. These mornings and evenings are cool now which gives a hint of an early autumn. I even saw Halloween stuff out in the stores.Speaking of August, happy birthday to Mary Colwell, Ethan Absher, Erin Colwell, Heather Theriaque, Susan Cripps, Paulette Hendrixson McDonald, Denton Colwell, Lowell Robinson, Jack Loeb,Jeanine Cantrell, Gentry Harpole, Shea Colwell, Richard Judkins,Kathy Hendrixson, Holly Forkner, Kelly Little, Betty Bailiff, Sarah Brown, Russell Ambrose, Emme Colwell, Gianna Owens, Dakota Waggoner, Linda Judkins, Hoyte Odom, Eric Pettis, Charmaine Mitchell, Margie Smith at the Webb House and my aunt Helen Trusty.Get-well wishes to John Cain, Juanita Casey, Eddie Sutton and Caroline Caplinger.Sympathy and love to the families of Jennifer Parsley Clark and Eddie Green.