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Weather on the Mountain

We've certainly had a few days of beautiful weather with
temperatures in the eighties.  I hope you, like me, have taken
advantage of those days since we are to have the temps drop over the
weekend with highs in the sixties which will be a temperature drop of
some twenty degrees.
      Saturday evening those little brown bugs that invade our homes
in the fall came a calling at our house.  Bryan Pitts and son Gunter
have been helping me out with a few outside projects that they have
completed in no time flat, even with the onslaught of those pesky bugs
landing on us.  Later daughter Kristie and husband Dusty came out for
a visit.  Always a good thing when family comes a calling.  Beverly
Hubler, Sherry Gannon and Russell Taylor also stopped by this week.
      Daughter Kristie and I ate at Cracker Barrel last Thursday and
later enjoyed the evening on our patio.  Love eating at Cracker Barrel
as that is my favorite place to chow down on a good home-cooked meal.
      Please keep the following people in prayer:  Cecile Ferrell,
Mary Melton, Joe Gunter, Rose Watts, Gracie Bratcher, Sepal Pedigo,
Charlie Mai Daniel, Alene Ferrell, and the family of Bill Pack.  Also,
please keep praying for Israel.
      We've got a lot to be thankful for in this country with the
freedoms we all enjoy.  I hope we never lose that freedom, and we
won't if we will turn back to God and keep His commandments.  We
haven't gained anything by turning our backs on Him.  We've let God
down in so many ways.  He is a loving God to everyone, and He is the
only One to get us through these perilous times.
      A TV commercial about getting that all important Thanksgiving
meal underway and the recipe card that looked like it had been used
for a many-a-year on the kitchen counter.  Can't help but think of the
recipe card that I have that is worn around the edges and the recipe
for dressing that "Aubrey's" mom "Mildred" gave me years ago.  Talk
about a recipe for the ages, hers was at the very top.  She was a
fabulous cook (her daughters all carrying on that tradition) and a
wonderful Christian lady that this girl will always be in admiration
of and how she always thought of others.  I was so blessed in having a
second mom and dad with Aubrey's parents because they treated me like
a daughter.  Oh, by the way, that dressing recipe of Mildred's has
been given to others and has been shared not only at Thanksgiving
meals but at family reunions and other gatherings.
      Stamps haven't gone up at this time but heard on the tube that's
probably in our future.  Christmas cards this year will be fewer this
year as stamps are just getting too expensive to purchase.  Our mail
service is not getting any better either.  Seems like we can't win in
this battle.
      I'm having problems with those pesky chipmunks, moles and
armadillos.  The chipmunk, like the boll weevil, is making his home at
the side of our patio, the moles seem to be everywhere so more bubble
gum will be needed to stop any more progress of them tearing up the
yard, and the armadillos come out at night which make me think of
vampires.  Of course, vampires don't exist, but these armadillos do,
and are making holes anywhere they want.  This, for me, is a serious
matter.  Got to rethink my strategy on how to thwart these enemies to
our yard.  Maybe I need to get someone like Columbo on the case.
      Hope you make it to the Lord's house this Sunday to praise and
worship Him.  So many people in other countries do not have the
freedom to do this.  Spread the love of Jesus through the week by what
you say and do for others.  Try to do a good deed for someone.
There's always someone who needs help, and you can be the one to come
to their rescue.  May they see Jesus through you and want Him in their
life, too, if they haven't accepted Him as their Savior.  Everything
we do does matter in honoring Him.
      If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at
615-563-4429.  Have a great day!
      From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the
Lord's name is to be praised.  Psalm 113:3