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Wildlife spotted everywhere

March seemed to pass by pretty quick.  We did get some beneficial rainfall during the month.  Parts of the state are still in a drought, so the rain helped them some.
      Turkeys (the feathered kind) could be heard in my neighbor's field on Monday evening.  Their gobble is quite distinctive from other sounds, and it sounded like there was several of them. Over the years I have spotted many turkeys below Tony and Tracy Neal's house where the deer cross.  As fast as people drive through here there will probably be a collision with a deer or two one of these days.
      Stopping by this week: Linda Pedigo, Dustin Johnson, Connie Cantrell, Russell Taylor, Betty Barnes, Rick and Beverly Hubler.  Joe Gunter is back home after a hospital stay.  Jeff Brown feeling some better.  Ann Warren and her family are still doing well.  Always be grateful when your family has no sickness.
      Let's keep in prayer:  Sepal Pedigo, Joe Gunter, Jeff Brown, Cecile Ferrell, Mary Melton, Rose Watts, Charlie Mai Daniel, Walter and Faye Ferrell, Georgene Grisham, Jimmy and Faye Hale, the people of Israel, and the families of Lois Larimer and Greg Laboe in the loss of their dear loved one's.
      I have some trivia you might like to know about:  If you are floating on the Sangamon River, what Midwestern state are you in? Answer-Illinois, the river flows through both Decatur and Springfield, the capital.  What New England state has the purple lilac as its flower and the purple finch as its bird?  Answer-New Hampshire.  In the 1930's what game was played in movie theaters on "Bank Night?" Answer-Bingo.
      A total solar eclipse will occur on April 8th.  People are getting excited and want to view this once in a lifetime experience. I'm looking forward to viewing it myself.
      Spring cleaning has begun at our house.  Spider webs are first on my agenda to take down.  I just hope I do not spot any siders as I can't stand them.  They are scary-looking creatures to me.  Not crazy about the job of cleaning the house, but I sure am glad when the chore is done.
      I bought a generic brand of Q-tips the other day thinking I was saving money in the process.  Started using them and it was like a wet noodle in my ear.  They were so flimsy.  I have gone back to the brand I had been using for years.  We live and learn, don't we?
      Looking so forward to warmer weather settling in here on the mountain.  Love having my cup of coffee on our patio and looking at God's creations all around me.  The mountain behind our house starting to green up as it does this time of year.  "Aubrey" like me, loved the outdoors.  In the fall of the year with the seasons changing the mountain is all lit up with those brilliant, breath-taking leaves of different colors of yellow, orange, red and maroon.  Quite a
spectacular sight I just can't miss.  It is that time of the year when the farmers are winding up their combining of crops that is something I am accustomed to annually.  Thanking God, my heavenly Father, for giving me the peace of fall and all the beauty that comes with it.
      If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at 615-563-4429.  Have a great day!
      I am the bread of life:  he that cometh to Me shall never hunger;: and he that believeth on Me shall never thirst.  John 6:35