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William Allen Bill Moss, 70
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William Allen “Bill” Moss, 70, passed away on Jan. 11 at his home in Silver Point.He was born Nov. 20, 1943, in Detroit, Michigan, the youngest child of Joseph Allen Moss and Helen Dyer Moss, formerly of Silver Point.He attended Cass Technical High School, a university preparatory school in Detroit, and received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Degree from wayne State University in 1966.His career as an architectural delineator brought him back to Nashville, TN in the late 1960’s. He sketched Nashville’s historic architecture, even as some buildings like the Elk’s Club were being tore down. His attention to detail and relism, combined with his interest in architectural history, enable him to enjoy a successful parallel career, creating commissioned artwork for limited editon prints.The William Moss print collection depicts a series of Detroit’s buildings and ships in their historic settings, earning him the title “Artist of Detroit.”Bill was a keen observer of human character, with a talent for vocal mimcry and able to create a realistic caricature in the swift stroke of his pencil.