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A world of hurt
From Where I Stand
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I suppose the world has always been full of hurt, but this I know.. It remains that way today.. With all the advances that have been made in medicine, science and technology tears continue to roll down the faces of mankind..


The poor of the world although less common today, continue to watch their little children go to bed hungry..


War continues to show it's bloody face in countries all over the world.. but in our country today those who once were insulated against war scenes are being allowed to watch the grisly scenes of death unfold in their own living rooms through television ..


Murder is almost as old as the Bible itself but until modern times we never saw cages filled with human beings doused with gasoline and set on fire by ungodly men.. This kind of evil is nothing new...


Even in Bible days men were sometimes cast into fiery furnaces or forced to face hungry lions as people watched as if it was a sporting event..


Great advances have been made in medicine which have done much to relieve pain and suffering.... but still cancer takes away our loved ones, heart attacks still happen and even little children suffer and die... and in our own country millions of little unborn babies are put to death before they have an opportunity to take their first breath..


Mothers were designed by God to be loving creatures but something goes horribly wrong in the hearts of many as they decide to have their unborn child put to death....... Lust, pride, theft and covertness, along with adultery and murder, seems to be ever increasing and becoming even more common day by day..


Rather than coming to understand the need to follow the teachings of Jesus.. Millions now try to blame God for what their own sin has brought to pass.. and as a nation we wade deeper into the septic tank of sin and it's filthy consequence..


Yes, I still love America...


The great nation built on Christian beliefs and Bible teachings.. and I suffer along with many others as we watch our freedoms erode and our country change into something we don't recognize much less understand..


God blessed us greatly in the days when we thanked Him for all our blessings.. But now we are turning our face away from Him.... and giving glory to that which is not god.. Like a prostitute, we have found ourselves other lovers and turned our face from God..



Our great country must turn back to God soon and very soon or else suffer the fate of other nations who turned their back on God..




God, my prayer today: Help me Lord to walk and live by faith in you.. I am nowhere near being to the point of being able to face this hurtful world alone..




And So Here I Stand..