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Are we facing an epidemic in America?
How Things Look From Where I Stand
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And now the truth is coming out.... In spite of what seems to be deliberate efforts to skirt around the issue it is now becoming clear from eye witness accounts that the murderer in the college classroom in Oregon asked the students one by one to stand and state their religion.. Those who said they were Christians were deliberately shot through the head..


Perhaps I have missed it but I never heard this clearly reported and explained in such a way that listeners would have no doubt that he was singling out Christians to be executed.. Some small mention of it was made but almost in passing it seemed.. When our president gave his speech which followed calling for tighter gun control I heard not one word about the targeting of Christians.. I wonder if the killer had singled out muslims for killing if we would have heard more? from the media and from the president.. I think we probably would have.. Yes the shooter may have had mental problems but hatred of Christians seems to be a worldwide problem..


Is it because the devil has driven his followers insane in order to do his work on earth? Wake up America... Wake up Christians.. if it is a mental disease.. many millions of people have it and it drives them to have strong hatred and desire to kill all Christians.. It seems to happen almost daily in other parts of the world.. Has this mental illness spread to America now.. yes, actually it has been here for a while and may soon become an epidemic.. Wake up America.. you think aids sounded bad.. How about the "kill all Christians" mental illness that is sweeping the world.... Sounds a lot like the mental illness that caused the Nazis to kill Jews during WW2.. Do you suppose that virus has mutated and now is causing people to hate and kill Christians? And so here I stand..