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Are You Politically Correct?
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Political correctness stampedes through modern society like a runaway herd of cattle through villages, towns and families all over our country..

The mental, emotional, and physical well-being of thousands is being destroyed by modern acceptance of everything from same sex marriage to trans-gender surgery, to a false sense of what is right and wrong, including such monstrosities as abortion.. Lest any should be ridiculed for not understanding political correctness..

And so millions join in singing the chorus which declares the wondrous beauty of being politically correct, when in fact most of what passes as politically correct is as ugly and unnatural as a man being declared woman of the year in The United States, which happened this year.... Who will have the moral courage to stand up and declare many aspects of political correctness to be stupidity with lipstick on it?

Millions are being trampled underfoot as common sense falls by the wayside.. and ground into the dirt by the charging herd determined to keep up with those who admire the emperor’s new clothes..

So sing another verse of the political correctness song if you choose too.. I didn't dance on the last verse and I won't this one either, says one who languishes in the old fashioned backwardness of being politically incorrect..

And so Here I stand.