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Clean up your own backyard
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Yard-sale season is almost over, and in a few weeks all that will be left are the half rotten pink and green posterboard signs littering the base of every signpost in town.I love yard sales as much as the next tightwad, but the matter of who picks up the signs after all our old junk has been passed on to some lucky bargain hunter seems to be a bit off kilter.The sign remnants that really amaze me are the ones blatantly taped across road signs. Many neighborhoods have the tattered remains of their summer sales still partially obscuring stop signs.I don’t suppose anyone has informed the general public that posting yard sale directions on street signs is not what you might call legal. If the city police were not busy with other matters, I have a feeling they might show up at your door with a handful of decaying yard-sale signs and a summons to court.All the hard-earned proceeds from your cast-offs would then go to pay the fines for littering and defacing public property.