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Crazy Thinking...
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At my age, I have seen a lot of things come to pass ..


I can remember every president since Harry S Truman, who I listened to with my dad on the old battery operated radio during the closing days of World War Two.. Many of the presidents I really liked and thought they did a good job of leading our great country... A few presidents I didn't like so well and thought they did a poor job leading the country...


But this I can say for sure... I really wanted every one of them to do a good job as president, because that seemed like the right thing for us all.. I am amazed in these latter days to hear so many people wishing for our president to fail..


This crazy thinking seemed to grow more intense during the terms of President Obama.. But I am truly shocked at some of the things I am hearing from people as they discuss our incoming president Trump...


There seems to be a growing howl like that which might come from a pack of wolves.. wanting to drag him down and cripple him before he ever even starts.. Let me be very clear here... Obama was sure not my favorite president, but I wanted to see him do a good job as president and prayed for God to guide his thinking..


Many people are very excited about President elect Trump.. But count me among those who are very concerned about some of the things I have heard him say.. The jury is still out on how he will perform as next president of the USA.. I am not so confused and crazy as to want him to do a terrible job as president.. My prayer is that he will turn out to be a great leader and that America will be a better country because he was elected..


I pledge to pray for him often and to give him an opportunity to lead our country as president.. I will say to those who howl for his failure.. That makes about as much sense as it would have for the passengers on the titanic to pray for their ship to hit an iceberg because they didn't like the captain.. Unless you are a terrorist or other enemy of our country.. What could you possibly gain by seeing our country go through terrible times..


I don't claim to be much of anything other than an old country boy who grew up plowing over corn barefoot . I did manage to get myself a pretty fair education by most standards... But I count that of less importance than many people do... God saved me and called me to preach as a young man and I do count that as being of great importance.. But I can join most people in saying.. I don't need others to tell me how to think and what to think or how to feel about things ..


I don't need preachers to tell me how to think, nor do I need churches... And I sure don't need politicians, talking heads on television, Hollywood actors... Newspapers, Washington officials.. high society from new York .. Republican leadership, Democrat leadership.. Russian leadership ... I will listen to what about anyone has to say.. but don't be surprised when you learn that I can be pretty hardheaded...


And, I for one am sick and tired of hearing a constant stream of important people instructing us common people about what we ought to believe.. I think I will get myself a television that only shows sports and gives the weather.. and half the time I won't believe the weatherman... grin.. And by the way, my honest opinion is that we need more hard headed people.... shucks.. you don't even need me to tell you how to think.. do your own thinking… grin..


Romans 3:4: "God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou might be justified in thy sayings, and might overcome when thou art judged."


And So Here I Stand