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Does the preacher ever cry?
From Where I Stand
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Sometimes it takes a long time to move on from loss and heartbreak.. from the loss of our son.. I am not there yet following the loss of our son .. and I’m not sure when, or even if, I will ever get there..


I don't wish to be burdensome to you but only those of you who have walked in my shoes really understand the depths of sorrow that the human heart is capable of sinking too.. Late afternoon just before dark is usually the worst..


Yes.. I have preached many funerals.. and yes, I have stood beside many of you in your times of trouble.. and yes, I know the words to say and yes.. I do understand that God makes no mistakes.. and yes, I do believe my son is in a better place, and yes.. I know I will see him again.. and no, I wouldn't bring him back if I could..


And so that makes it all go away and we don’t hurt anymore..


No, Those things do help a lot.. So, if I along with his whole family.. Wife, children, mother.. siblings.. continue to grieve.. Just know we are not yet at the place where we can find a stopping place..


Yes.. Sometimes the preacher cries..


It is easier for me to talk about it here than it is to talk face to face with someone.. So no... I don't really want to talk to anyone yet face to face.. But this does seem to help me work through some heartache..


No sympathy please.. No bless your heart, no need to explain it all to me.. I already understand how it works..


If you only knew the times I have been through this with other people.. But knowing the answers just doesn't always solve all the problems.. I sure would like to pick up the phone and call him one more time.... But..


God help us to walk through the Valley of the shadow of death and emerge on the other end of the valley where there is no more shadow, I saw his death coming down the pathway.. But I thought we would have more time to talk..


Too soon gone..


And yes sometimes the preacher cries over your sorrows... and sometimes he cries over his own sorrows as well..


And So Here I Stand.


You pray for me and I will pray for you..