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Does your life matter?
How Things Look From Where I Stand
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Is some common sense needed in America right now? There seems to be some debate about whose lives matter.. Do all lives matter or do only black lives matter..

Now this one sounds easy enough to answer so why is there such an uproar over it... Common sense says all lives matter, no matter the color, but this statement seems to offend many.. White lives matter not one bit more than black lives.. BUT neither do they matter one bit less.

Red lives, brown lives and yellow lives matter.. Our children have it right when they sing red or yellow, black or white, they are precious in his sight.. Yes, many black people have ancestors who had a rough life as slaves in days gone by, but those marching in the streets demanding that cops be killed have never been slaves and have actually had a much better life than they would have had if their great grandparents had not endured such terrible hardship as slavery brought upon them..

Black people are not alone in tracing their heritage from poverty... I join millions of other white people in saying most of my ancestors were poor folks..

Actually, coming from poverty often proves to be a great advantage.. I consider myself blessed by my heritage... I learned some things like hard work, honesty and gratitude that many rich kids didn't seem to learn in growing up.. So... many should knock off the stupid talk and just say..

Thank you God.. My life matters too.. I am convinced that most black people fully understand this and know that all lives matter.. But there is a group within the group, joined by a handful of white bleeding-heart liberals, who keep the pot stirred in order to cause trouble.. I would say to all those marching and chanting for cops to be killed.. Grow up.. Get some common sense, because you sure are acting like, spoiled, ungrateful children and common hoodlums right now..

Get a job, because hard working, God fearing solid citizens of any color have no time or energy to waste marching through the streets calling for the murder of cops.. Try to get off whatever it is you are high on and stop acting like your wheel doesn't make a full turn..

And so here I stand..