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Droppin the new science
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In the fall of 1963 my mother began her senior year at the spanking new DeKalb County High School. It must have seemed like Nirvana, walking into the fresh, state-of-the-art MILLION DOLLAR high school complex after attending the aged and outdated College Street facility.It must also have been overwhelming for the students of Dekalb County to be blessed with such an impressive campus after being raised in one-and-two room country schools with little more in the way of supplies than a few books and a chalk board.When I entered the Science and Chemistry department of the same building last week for the first time in many years, the effect significantly different.I was surprised to see most of the same equipment that was present when I was a student (um) some years ago. It turns out that the equipment was the very top-of-the-line stuff that the class of 1964 wondered over on their first tour of DCHS.Yes, you heard me.