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Larry Steffee 2021

Eighty years ago today, Japanese forces evacuated Guadalcanal Island on secret orders by the Japanese emperor.  In July, 1942, the Japanese had landed on the island and began constructing an airfield, but American forces also landed on the island by surprise and managed to take over the airfield.  After Japanese reinforcements landed, hand-to-hand combat followed until American Navy reinforcements arrived.  American forces did not discover the evacuation of Japanese forces until they found abandoned positions, empty boats and discarded supplies.

        “Words from Above” in the Bible tell us of a mass evacuation that will occur when Jesus, the Son of God, returns to the earth in an event that is called the Rapture of the Church.  The timing of this event is a total secret known only to the God of the Universe, and it will occur in the “twinkling of an eye” and at the “sound of the last trumpet”.  The evacuation will include all faithful followers of God, and they will be taken up in a cloud, just like the way Jesus ascended to heaven after His crucifixion and resurrection.

        Acts 1 tells us that on the day of His ascension, Jesus gathered His disciples on the Mount of Olives near the village of Bethany.  He instructed them to wait in nearby Jerusalem until they received a promise from His heavenly Father.  He specifically told them that this promise would be a baptism with the Holy Spirit of God.  They then asked Him is he intended to restore at this time the kingdom to Israel, by which they meant deliverance from the Roman Empire which had conquered their land.  He told them that only God the Father knew the answer to such questions, and the only thing that should concern them was using the power which would be given them by the Holy Spirit.

        Jesus explained to them that after the power of the Holy spirit came upon them, they should be witnesses for Him in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and all over the earth.  He was taken up in a cloud and He was soon out of sight, and in His place appeared two men in white apparel, who spoke to them about what they had seen.  They told the disciples that the very same Jesus was taken from them into heaven He would return.  His purpose in returning will be to take His disciples with Him to heaven, while those who reject Him will be left behind on the earth.  Those left behind will not realize an evacuation has taken place until they discover the evidence of missing friends, neighbors, family, and many others.  SO, LET’S ALL BE READY.

Larry R. Steffee is pastor of the Center Hill Brethren In Christ Church on Miller Road in Smithville.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  For informa-tion, you may email