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Everything must fall
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“Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations have broken out flash-mob style all over the United States in the past week, and although some of the protesters don’t seem to have a clear vision of what it is that they are ticked off about, they seem to scare politicians on the left and the right equally, so they can’t be all bad.Some of the protesters are recent college graduates who were led to believe that if they went to school and let things ride on the Master Card and student loans while they got a degree that they were eligible for the two-story Colonial, good-looking spouse and two-and-a-half tax exemptions.They are ticked off because while they were matriculating the guarantee ran out on the American dream. and now all they have is no job and a load of debt.Some of the protesters are everyday people who were led to believe that if they worked hard, paid their fair share of taxes and stayed out of trouble with the law, that they were entitled to a piece of the same dream.They are ticked off because they have lived up to their end of the bargain, and all they got in return was a lay-off and a foreclosure.Some of the protesters are faithful American citizens who have been told since they were born that the government was on their side, and only had their best interest at heart.They are ticked off because the best way government agencies who are charged with the protection of the American people can come up with to stop drug violence just across our southern border is to send guns to drug lords, apparently just to see who would get shot with them (a border patrol agent, thank-you-very-much).We tend to think that as Americans we are kings of all that we survey, and that we can not be upset.I’ll bet the Soviets felt the same way (and the Romans, the Greeks, the Mongols and the Egyptians for that matter).The globe is littered with the remains of once mighty kingdoms, and all of them preached the same sermon, “We can never fall.”Fall they did, however, and the general idea I get from the recent protests across the country is that the reason the demonstrators can not convey a clear message is because there is too much wrong for one uprising to deal with, and that if we as a nation can not manage to wrestle control of the empire away from the representatives of greed and ignorance we could face the same fate.