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Fighting our own self makes no sense to me
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Most churches, and people who make them up in America, have learned through bitter experience that one denomination or local church can't make real progress or build up the body of Christ by attempting to tear down another church or denomination. And that when we try to do this we only hinder, harm and hurt the name of the total Christian movement.

Now if we could only understand this same principal as it applies to our country.

Both political sides seem determined to gain ground by bringing hurt, harm and hindrance to the other side, and so we are locked in what seems to be a fight to the death by both democrats and republicans and I am not sure either side understands what is happening and that if one side is killed that half the body of the American people is severed.

No man who is split right down through his body so that half the human body is severed from the other half can go on living.

It almost seems that we had rather die as a nation than allow the "other side" to gain any advantage. Wake up America.

If my right hand decides to beat the left side of my body or if my left hand decides to cut the right side of my body my whole body suffers.

This fight to the finish we seem to be engaged in has no good outcome for either side.

Yes, I understand about standing up for what is right, but I also see our great country being divided by anger, hatred, self-righteousness and pride.

Our real enemy is not those who make up the other half of our population.

The devil must hate America because he sure is working hard to bring us down.

Yes, I will go on having my opinions and beliefs... as a conservative. But with the help of God I will refuse to hate the other side.

Please keep your replies kind and not hate filled. The cruel Roman legions of ancient days often chained badly tortured, beaten and wounded enemy soldiers together and turned them loose in the streets to slowly die - neither being able to free himself from the other.

When the first died the one remaining alive was left to drag the dead body until he also died.

Is this a picture of modern America or are we smarter than that?

And so, here I stand.