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Great Balls of Fire
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Does the Smithville Fire Department need a ladder truck?Having heard opinions on both sides for several months now, I am well aware of most of the arguments for and against the purchase of such a vehicle.Opponents of the purchase use words like “overkill” and “expensive.” I have even heard the word “ridiculous” bandied about on more than one occasion.Think about it this way for a moment.Our local volunteer firefighters dedicate a great deal of thier own time and energy to the departments.They train, they deal with paperwork, and they keep the departments up and running.They also come to save your home or business if it happens to catch fire.In case you haven't realized, this is dangerous work.Every time our firefighters suit up to go save our lives and property they risk injury or death.Can thier equipment really be too good?Can they have too much water on hand?Can thier suits be too protective, or their hoses too long?Can thier truck really be too big?