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Gun Control
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Now some of you anti-gun people explain to this old country boy who has hunted and fished all his life and who has owned many different guns over the past half century.


I was watching the Saturday morning news this past Saturday morning on one of the Nashville stations, when the one giving the news reported that some church buildings had been shot by an "assault rifle." Now, in addition to wondering exactly what they think an assault rifle is.. I think they mean anything with a black plastic stock... I was left wondering how that "assault rifle" was able to take itself to the church in the first place..


I kind of figure there was some outlaw who needed to be in jail who was actually responsible for the shooting... Up until a couple years back I owned a single shot .223 with that type stock.. and it never did any shooting.. every time it was fired.. I had to pull the trigger..


They showed a church building with what looked like some holes made by a larger caliber rifle.. Now you folks who are experts on all that is politically correct.. Please tell me how one would know by looking at a couple holes in a metal awning.. If they were made by a semi-automatic, a bolt action, a single shot or a lever action rifle and did it look like a hunting rifle with a wood stock... or could it have been made by a handgun.. I have owned some of all those and I could never tell much difference in a hole made by a .243 single shot and a hole made by a .243 semi auto ....etc..


I for one am sick of hearing such garbage shoveled by those who are determined to remove guns from the hands of private citizens.. Lock up outlaws and leave honest gun owners alone, and our country will be safer..


If I need to make my position any more clear.. I can probably do that also.. I actually feel sorry for the poor misguided, misinformed, mistaken bleeding hearts who keep crying out that we need to get the "guns" off the streets, and seem blind to the fact that what we really need is to get the killers and the outlaws off the street....


Locked up.. Awaiting a swift, fair trial and a sentence which will not be delayed, put off and retried for the next twenty years ... rather than what we see now which is probation.. and back on the streets to deal drugs, rob, steal and kill again..


No one is quite so blind as the one who does not know he is blind..


But allow me to make this very clear.. I am neither a democrat nor a republican, and in fact I am not a member of any political party, and have voted as an independent for many years.... and am in no way making a political statement in this post..


I am speaking about gun ownership and nothing else.. I will vote my convictions and would grant each of you the freedom to do the same.. grin..


I am in revival this week at Indian Creek in Smithville, and invite everyone out to the revival services..


And So Here I Stand..