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How do we make our laws?
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Here is something that greatly troubles me and concerns me without regard to political party..

Both sides have been steadily moving In the same direction.. We are hearing that our president will likely pronounce an executive action imposing much stricter gun controls on our country Both Republicans and Democrats have been creeping more in the direction of government by executive action for a few years now..

With more and more serious laws being executed by pronouncement of the president.. This is becoming an almost godlike power that is leaving way too much power in the hands of one man.. The legislative branch will soon become a useless and powerless branch of our once balanced form of government..

It is already to the point where it is almost impossible for the legislative branch to vote any law into effect unless it pleases the president.... The problem here.. When any new president is voted into office he is almost assured of eight years in office in which he can make laws pretty much as he pleases... and thus he consolidates his power and the power of his party even more..

If congress tries to make any law he is not in favor of.. He simply vetoes it which almost always assures that it is dead because of the majority required to override his veto.. On the other hand If that one man.. the president.. desires a new law he simply speaks it into existence by executive order and there is very little the congress can do If they attempt to make a law to nullify what he pronounced..

He simply vetoes it and it is dead and his change remains in effect.. About the only hope for it to be killed is the very unlikely possibility that the supreme court will strike it down.. Which is a rare occurrence indeed.. Now this is not even the worst of the situation..

Our Highest court is also demonstrating more and more their power to make law..... as they recently did when they established same sex marriage as the law of the land.. Congress is the whipping boy for all the rest of government and is blamed by the people when things go wrong... but the truth is they have been pretty well gutted of power and ability to move..

Partly by their own ineptness and partly by deliberate encroachment on their power by the other two branches of government.. This is more than a democrat or republican problem.. This is an American problem and a very serious one..

Tell all your government officials to back off and let the constitution work like our forefathers designed it to work or all of us and our children will pay the price, and a stiff one at that.. Oh they control the purse strings you say..

Yes that is supposed to work that way but I ask you.. Does it really? Wake up country.. Time to step back fifty years in a lot of ways.. Including our morals, ethics and religious beliefs....

We are becoming a very constipated country and probably need a good dose of laxative... read this as bowel movement if you choose too.. A good cleaning out of all branches of government..

Yes, yes, yes.. I do understand that executive action is not a new thing, but surely you will agree that it is now being used for very serious matters which were once put into law through the process we learned way back in elementary school.. What we learned back then is no longer the way it works.. And I think it should still be..

I invite your responses.. If you want to be wrong you have every right to do so... grin..

And So here I stand..