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Im hearing a lot about White Privilege
From Where I Stand
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I am hearing a lot about "White Privilege." I am not sure I understand all about what this is and if I have it or not..


I grew up in a free country in a home which had very little money to spend, but a home where both my parents were also living.. We didn't have a bathroom but took our baths in a number 2 wash tub.. We had an outhouse and a path..


I wore mostly hand-me-down clothes and was proud to have them..


My dad was a mule farmer.. My mother worked at the shirt factory, and I was the first in my family to have an opportunity to go to college, but not having a car.. I hitch hiked back and forth..


I plowed over corn barefoot behind a sweaty stinking mule in a pair of overalls while I was growing up.. And was happy as I could be.


At night we could hear the rats come out inside our house.. I remember doing my "lessons at night in the light of a kerosene or "coal oil" lamp before we got electricity out our road..


We were not mad at the police, nor anyone else for that matter..


Do I count myself privileged to have grown up that way? I sure do.. Very privileged..


Don't preach to me about poverty.. I understand it firsthand.. I also understand hard work..


I understand love. And I understand how to be thankful for what I have now..


If privilege has a color I never saw any sign of it growing up.. All my neighbors seemed to enjoy the same privilege I did, and most seemed very thankful for it..


So when you start figuring who those with privilege are.. Be sure to count me on the side of the very privileged.. Because that is where I count myself.. And I would also believe that if people worked as hard as we did, stuck with their family, obeyed the laws, and depended on Almighty God, quit whining complaining and blaming others for all their problems, they could enjoy some of that same privilege I have enjoyed all my life..


Call it white, black, red, or green.. it is there for all to have if they are willing to work for it.. But it can never be stolen, nor can it be given to you for free..


Just for the record... I stand with the police officers in their efforts to protect the people.. They have a very difficult and often thankless job to do, and the least we can do is stand behind them..


Are they perfect people? No, they are about like the rest of us.. but our society will be in an even bigger mess if we fail to support them in these dangerous days..


If our country fails to stand with them we will soon have a country which is unstable and lawless.. and even more dangerous than it is now..


Make your voice heard people.. No group has the right to declare war on cops and shoot them down from ambush..


This has never been known in my lifetime as we have seen take place in the past few months.. Take this seriously friends. Very seriously if you wish our country to remain a place where we can sleep at night in safety..


Speak up now and stand up now or we will see the day when we wish we had.. I trust my local police and other law officers much more than I trust the Washington politicians to keep me safe..


And So Here I Stand