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It has been a long journey
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It has been a long journey, and not something that happened overnight...


America was settled mostly by Christian people, and for many, many, generations people of faith who lived their life in a Christian way were held in high regard in this country... But a couple of generations ago this started to change, and that change has picked up speed rapidly for the past few years.


We are now arriving at the place where Christians are regarded more to be the objects of ridicule by unbelievers than they are held in high esteem.. And so in this way we are much in the same position the early church was in.. And so when someone tells you that we need to update the church to reflect modern thinking.. Tell them just the opposite is true.. It is time the church looked back more than ever to New Testament days for our doctrine and practice as a church.. Preach and teach the same thing that the early church preached and taught to a people who very closely resemble the people of Rome, Athens and Corinth of Paul and Simon Peter's day.


It is my sad opinion that a good percentage of people who have been added to the church membership lists for the past fifty years are cultural Christians rather than born again believers who have been changed by the power of god through a new birth experience.


A cultural Christian is someone who has joined the church because it was the "right" thing to do... and so there is a large difference in most local congregations between the number on the roll and the number of people who actually attend on a regular basis..


I never see in the new testament where people were encouraged to become church members just because it was the right thing to do..


We are now entering a time where those who are not committed to Jesus Christ will soon stop being involved at all.. Half-hearted Christianity will drop out when the going gets hard..


So Preachers and Teachers.. Study your Bible and approach your work as people did many centuries ago, because we have just about come full circle here in this great country we call the United States of America..


Think about this... with problems like Isis.. Iran, Syria, cancer, eighteen trillion dollar national debt.. earthquakes drugs, riots and crime in the streets..


What is it that our government leaders, Many of our entertainment leaders and sports leaders, business leaders and even some of our church leadership seem most interested in promoting and pushing in the United States today..


Can you believe it.. The right for a confused mixed up man to pee in a womens rest room.. God help us because we seem to have lost our way.


And Christians.. Be prepared for the same kind of reception from the devils crowd as your Christian ancestors received long ago..




And So Here I Stand..


Thurman Seber