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Lesser-Known Vehicle Repair Laws
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Lesser-Known Vehicle Repair Laws "If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there." ~ Tom Magliozzi (1937-2014), who co-hosted, with his brother Ray, National Public Radio’s "Car Talk" Tennessee law includes these lesser-known, but mandatory, vehicle repair laws. (1) Duty to inform consumer of rights. Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) section 66-19-104 requires automotive repair facilities to inform consumers of certain rights before doing repairs exceeding $250.00. Before any repair work is begun, an automotive repair facility must inform a consumer that she or he: (A) May request a written estimate for repairs costing more than $250.00; (B) May not be charged more than 25 percent in excess of the written estimate without the consumer's consent or good faith attempt to acquire the consent; and (C) May not be charged for repairs not originally authorized by the consumer unless a repair facility makes a good faith attempt to acquire the customer’s consent before making additional repairs.