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Like it or not, Trump will be GOP nominee


I hate to break it to everyone else in the race for the GOP nomination but this thing is done. Donald J. Trump is going to be the nominee for the Republican Party. As much as that may gall the GOP establishment, it’s a foregone conclusion. There’s only one ‘if’ and it’s a long shot.


The only way Trump does not clinch the nomination is if all the other candidates but one get out and leave a single person to go toe-to-toe with Trump. Who should that be? Well, that’s the problem. Each remaining candidate would make a case for why he’s the best bet in beating Trump.


Understand, this is not my conspiracy to try and thwart a Trump nomination. I’ll admit I’m not big on Trump, but I’m not repulsed by a Trump presidency, either. I believe Trump could do some terrific things, to use his language. I really believe he’ll do what he says he’ll do. He’ll get the wall or fence or some sort of structure built on the Mexican border. Whether or not he’ll get the Mexicans to pay for it remains to be seen, but he’ll get that done.


He’ll deal more harshly with the Chinese on trade. Right now they’re having their way with us and Trump will probably change that. It will inevitably mean higher prices for Americans, but I’m good with that. I’ve never thought we should be trading with those commie SOBs to start with.


What remains to be seen is what Trump will do that he hasn’t mentioned. Personally, I’m frightened that eminent domain will go nuts in this country under a Trump administration. Trump truly believes it’s fine to take one citizen’s private property if another private citizen can create more jobs with it. That was never what eminent domain was intended to do, but the courts have pretty much sided with the developers like Trump. I see an expansion of that policy in the name of revitalizing the economy if Trump’s elected.


And there’s really no one on the Republican side to stop him. The reason being is ego. Most presidential candidates stay too long. I hate to be a downer but neither Ben Carson nor John Kasich has a chance. Only Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz have any shot in taking Trump down, but not both. If they both stay in through Super Tuesday, Trump’s a shoo-in. At least Jeb Bush did the honorable thing and bow out after South Carolina. Everyone else should’ve done the same thing, save one remaining candidate to face Trump.


I also hate to break it to Bernie Sanders but the jig’s up. He was never going to get the nomination. The scary part is he came closer than anyone ever imagined.


But let’s get back to the courts for a second. I don’t want to claim divine intervention or anything so drastic, but it is curious that Antonin Scalia up and dies in the middle of an election year. Most people don’t give a second thought to the Supreme Court, but it’s probably the most important part of being president. It’s certainly the most lasting aspect of a presidential legacy. Scalia was appointed by Ronald Reagan. His influence on the court outlived the Reagan presidency by nearly 30 years.


America’s attention has been jolted back to the importance of Supreme Court nominations. With an equally divided court, it’s paramount that the next president appoint constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and not judicial activists.


Judicial activists are appointed by liberals. Let’s hope and pray Trump is not one.