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Low Budget
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Anyone who has been to the gas pump this week and had a minor coronary has realized that the price of petrol has taken a turn for the worse.People in the Middle East are shooting at each other again, and that is always a good excuse to raise the price on a barrel of crude.I, like most Americans in times of international unrest, immediately think of myself and my bank account.The average cost of a gallon of unleaded has rocketed well above $3, and predictions are that prices will climb even higher.We are still Americans, though, and one of the things Americans do is drive.So how are we to cover all those miles of blacktop and not wind up in the poor house? Here are a few gas saving tips that work, and some that don't.Drive more slowly is probably my personal least favorite gas saving measure.While there is not that much difference between 60mph and 65mph in terms of fuel consumption, a typical passenger vehicle cruising at 120 mph will consume about twice as much gas as if it were driven at 100mph, so back up off the go pedal. It will help.By the way, why are you driving around with that ski-, bicycle- or luggage-rack on your roof of your vehicle if you don't need it?