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Misguided Priorities
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Our government presently spends millions each year to pay for abortions for those who decide they don't want the little baby they have conceived... Now we have a new movement underway in America in which some have decided, or have been persuaded, that they were born the wrong gender, and this movement has gained strong standing among the politically correct crowd..


And so, much money is starting to be spent by our government in the futile attempt to make women out of men and men out of women..


At the same time, thousands of young couples struggle through the long, expensive process of trying to adopt a child. Yes, I understand that there must be regulations in place to prevent morally unfit parents from getting their hands on a child, and fully support such rules..


I also understand that before adopting a child that prospective parents should be required to show that they will be able to provide for that child’s, needs.. Many good moral couples would make great parents to a child but because the expense of adopting is so extreme... They just don’t have the extra money to do it..


More and more young couples with the means to do so have turned to other countries in their desperate efforts to adopt a child of their on... But even in adoption inside the United States.. Same sex couples seem to have an advantage in the eyes of government officials..


Many little children are left without a home of their own while being passed from foster home to foster home..


If all the taxpayer money being poured into abortions was being used to help deserving families adopt a child.. this would be a far better country.. and many beautiful little children could have a forever home of their own..


And So Here I Stand..