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More Joy on this Lifes Journey
This Bread of Life, This Cup of Joy


We are now thirty-one days into the new year.


I invite you to recall what you and your household have achieved, endured or overcome. Many of us have already slipped into a comfortable routine of work and family life.


This comfortable rhythm is highlighted by time spent with family and time given to coworkers or community projects. This comfortable and easy rhythm may periodically be interrupted by unexpected repairs to car and home that require our attention.


For others, this routine January has already been disrupted by real family crisis, like an unexpected illness or injury. Still others in our community have had to grieve the loss of a loved one or become unemployed or witnessed our loved ones suffer mental and emotional anguish.


In just thirty-one days, our life journeys have encompassed both joy and struggle. I wonder how much thought we give to the possibility that each of us carry around a month's worth of life experiences every day?


If we accept this possibility, how will this knowledge impact our life journey? Is it possible that this knowledge would inspire us to be more gentle in our relations with family, coworkers, and the strangers we meet?


Is it possible that we would be open to more joy and laughter as we celebrate accomplishments with family and our neighbors? Is it possible that we might be more forgiving of others when we imagine we have been slighted or insulted?


As I reflect on the next thirty days and beyond, I feel that all this is possible when we acknowledge More Life and More Joy on this Life's Journey.




Rev. Mark C. Pafford


Chaplain and Minister