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PACs got a TV eye on me
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According to information disseminated by a rash of political action committees with names like Make Us Great Again, Winning Our Future, Restore Our Future and others this election season, the entire field of Republican candidates for president is a cadre of liars, cheats, liberals and abusers of pets.Mitt Romney is "a Massachusetts moderate" who "can't be trusted" on abortion and other conservative values, as well as a "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) who can’t beat Obama.He has “the most liberal record in the field,” is a “vulture capitalist” who likes "being able to fire people" and believes that "corporations are people, too."He also lied about his job creation record at Bain Capital and mistreated Seamus, the family dog, in 1983.Newt Gingrich "teamed up with Nancy Pelosi," “supported China’s brutal one-child policy,” and is guilty of “attacks on free enterprise.” He also “made $30,000 an hour at Freddie Mac,” and “supported taxpayer funding of abortions.”Rick Santorum is a "serial hypocrite who can't be trusted" with "a record of betrayal" and sided with “big money union bosses” on right-to-work legislation.John Huntsman speaks Chinese.The ads that make me not want to vote for Rick Perry are strangely all made by Rick Perry.Here’s the rub.All these accusations, no matter their merit, come from within the Republican party.Considering Romney’s increasing momentum in the primaries, one would expect the Democratic National Committee to be going at the former Massachusetts governor tooth and nail at this point in the race.If the DNC plays their cards right, however they should be able to keep their mouths shut for the remainder of the election season and let the Republicans do all the work for them.By election time there should be enough footage of Republicans saying nasty things about other Republicans that the Obama campaign should be able to recycle soundbites from the primaries right through to victory.“This is politics,” Romney said, “and if you can't stand the heat in this little kitchen, wait until Obama's Hell's Kitchen turns up the heat."The only problem with that strategy is that Romney seems to be mining the very brimstone that may burn him in November.Meanwhile, the candidates are eyeballing Florida, which votes Jan. 31.The pro-Romney group alone has already paid for $3.6 million in airtime for commercials there.