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Political Correctness
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Political correctness is the new normal in our country, and many scramble to make sure they talk, act and think in the politically correct way.

This includes many issues, and lately the acceptance of all religions as equal, has risen to the top as being very essential to political correctness. It is no longer uncommon to hear people extol the virtues of Islam, always with the claim of there being a wide separation between radical Islam and the good and very acceptable brand.

This is usually followed with a few examples of all the wonderful Moslem friends that person has. And it is made to sound so appealing we can be made to wonder how we ever survived this long without a few million scattered through our neighborhood.

So you are perfectly willing to share America with Islam and allow them to come into your country and peacefully coexist and practice their religion.....

Well you might be surprised to know that so am I. If that is the end of the matter.

But my friend be very careful here, because there is one more question that needs to be asked and answered. After they get here and build up sufficient strength, will they still be willing for you to live here peacefully and practice your religion. If the answer is to be found in their actions in other countries.

Once they gain sufficient numbers you will no longer be welcome to freely practice your Christian faith, and you may well find yourself on the cutting edge... of a knife.

Do not join other countries in discovering too late that there is trouble here. The kind that can destroy a nation.

Yes, we are told it is very good to teach all about Islam in a favorable light in America, but in the Islamic schools that already exist in America. You can rest assured that Christianity as it is practiced in America is not taught in a favorable light in Islamic schools.

And So Here I Stand.