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Pray, people, pray
From Where I Stand
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Pray, People, pray.


God, we need, desperately need, your help in choosing someone to lead our country as president....


The more I hear from all the candidates both Democrat and republican, the more concerned I become about the future of our country and our world.. I have not been at all satisfied for the past few years with the direction of our country.. and frankly.. I don't see an answer among those running for president..


If not for your amazing power Almighty God.. I would go to sleep tonight as a very worried man.. The further we go in this political process the more ugly and ungodly it seems to become..


Lord help those among us who are Christians to join together in prayer for the salvation of our country, which seems to be rapidly spinning out of control into moral and spiritual chaos.. Lord, you, and you alone have an answer to this downfall of a mighty nation that we find ourselves entering into ..


Not since WWII.. have we found our country teetering on the edge of disaster as we are now.. In fact, I fear we are even closer to the downfall of our nation today than we were during those dreadful times..


This time it's not only a war of earthly weapons which threatens to erupt into much worse than anything we have ever seen before, but the spiritual warfare rages around us as a boiling pot about to spill over into mass destruction, with the very real possibility of days like have never been seen on this planet called earth..


Believers, if you have ever prayed in your life, you had better be praying in these days ahead..


Hold your loved ones close.. Lord we so very much need Godly leadership if we are to face the days ahead.. But God.. where is it coming from..


My God, please send a great revival over our land and over this lost world is my prayer in Jesus Name.. Lord wake our churches up.. Cause our houses of worship to overflow again with people who have come to worship and seek your leadership...


God, please call your preachers back into the pulpit with a fresh fire from above.. Deliver us almighty God.. I pray..


And So Here I Stand..