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Red to the Roots showing rot?


The Tennessee Republican Party sells their “Red to the Roots” program to Tennesseans by saying that we would be better off if right-wing partisan Republicans were elected to every level of government. The reality is that "Red to the Roots" spreads their Republican culture of corruption and cover-up from Washington, D.C. to Murfreesboro, TN.


It starts in the leaves and branches with Sen. Bob Corker, the 23rd richest member of Congress, being investigated by the FBI and the SEC for insider trading, and Governor Haslam, the richest elected official in America, awarding no-bid contracts to his friends and signing an executive order to eliminate a requirement to disclose how much he earns or pay in taxes.


The trunk is Speaker Beth Harwell’s attempted cover-up of Rep. Jeremy Durham’s inappropriate behavior and reported sexual harassment of women working at the State Capitol and Andy Holt’s special treatment to operate his hog farm without the correct permits and in spite of his multiple “serious” code violations.


Now at the roots we learn that the Republican elected Rutherford County Sheriff is accused of 13 counts of conspiracy for allegedly accepting bribes and kickbacks.


Another day, another Republican caught taking advantage of the people of Tennessee.


Mary Mancini


Chair, Tennessee Democratic Party