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Russian Computer Hackers...
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A lot of talk these days about Russian computer hackers...


I don't like the idea of hackers from any country being able to hack their way into government records at any time.. It should not have happened ten years ago, five years ago or this past year..


If I understand the charges, hacking into official government files and records was not the problem... But rather the charge is being made that they were able to get into records of both republican and Democrat party officials... For me this is a much less serious problem... Neither group should have dirty little secrets hidden away in their records or email..


I would also think our CIA and FBI would serve us better by warning us ahead of time rather than sounding an alarm months later... It would be a little late to report a nuclear attack six months after it happened..


I was hearing very little about this problem until the "Wrong" person won the election.. and now all of a sudden one might be led to believe the sky is falling..


What kind of president will Donald Trump be? I sure don't know the answer to that question.. Perhaps he will do a good job or he might be the worst person ever elected to the office.. Time will tell.. In the meantime I plan to pray for him as I am taught in Scripture to do...


The election is over... Under the rules of our country he was elected president.. Can you imagine what an uprising we would have in The United States should he be denied that office now..


You don't like him, you say... Well, I am not that crazy about him myself.. But it is time to drop the sour grapes talk and get on with the business before us.


And So Here I Stand.