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Somthing's got to go
By Thurman Seber
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I want to share some things from my heart with you today..

I have some decisions to make that I wish I didn’t..

Right now.. I am adding revival dates to my schedule for this year and am praying for another full schedule this year..

I am also serving as Interim Pastor at Auburn Baptist Church...

In addition to this I am writing a weekly editorial for the Smithville Review.. and besides these things I have been heading up the Bible Seed Ministry through which we have been able to give away over two thousand Bibles in the past year..

I can never give up my preaching as long as I can do it.. So this leaves me with the decision concerning the editorial in the paper and the Bible seed Ministry.

I talked with my Cardiologist today, and told Him I just couldn’t cut back on my preaching, because that was a thing between me and God, and he said he understood..

So hopefully you will understand if I decide to stop writing my editorial for the paper .. and perhaps even pass The Bible Seed Ministry on to Someone else..

Hey, don’t read too much into this post... the doctor says I have been pushing too hard, and if I want to keep up my preaching something needs to give.. to relieve some stress .. I will probably be sending in an editorial from time to time now.. But will not be doing so on a weekly basis anymore..

Thanks greatly to the Smithville Review for the space.. and to all those who faithfully read what I wrote, and may God Bless...

And So Here I Stand..