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Stealing from the dead
Letter to the Editor
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Letter to the Editor


I am the mother of Anthony Roy DeVault (Tony) and Ricky DeVault. I have had flowers, balloons, and other items’ taken from my son’s graves. I would hate to be the person doing this to people who have passed away. I pity you when you have to meet our Judge God all mighty and go before Him to judge you for stealing from the dead.


Ricky passed away October 11, 2015, and Tony passed away April 25, 2007. I love my sons and I miss them every day. So I hope you can deal with your conscience bothering you every day.


A very sorry person has to be doing this. I hope I never met you at the cemetery. I will deal with you in court. I may do something I should not do to you myself.


Sarah Opal Atnip