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Story of Your Life
From Where I Stand
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Almost every life has two stories to tell. There is a story of warm sunny pleasant days full of smiles, fun and good times.. a story of love, family and friends, where all is well and the expectations of the day are fresh and happy and few clouds in the sky... of laughing and playing in green grassy fields.. a story of long pleasant talks with good friends and precious loved ones.. of trips to happy places a tale of hugs and kisses, when it seems that the day will never end.. There is also another story to tell..... a story of tears and bitter cold days, hurting hearts, hospital rooms, suffering and death, funeral homes and crushed lives.. bloody wrecks, broken homes, broken dreams , sad children, abusive parents... divorce and parting … a story of failure ... A story of things that just didn't work out, of partings and endings of the good life..