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Students being indoctrinated?
Letter to the Editor
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To the Editor:


America's leaders are well aware our right to worship openly and maintain our Christian beliefs will be JEOPARDIZED in the foreseeable future.


God in His infinite wisdom blessed us with hearts, souls and minds capable of discerning what must be done to maintain Christian ethics in our democracy.


The Islamic political agenda clearly mandates jihad terrorist activities be a major part of their current rapidly expanding mission. Ultimately, they intend to annialate all people unwilling to recant their faith and profess loyalty to Allah and Mohammad.


Wisely, some Tennessee school districts have removed from middle school curriculum's texts that erroneously imply the Islamic religion promotes tolerance and inclusiveness towards other faiths.


You rightly ask, "why hasn't the same text been removed from our seventh grade curriculum at DMS and DeKalb West school?" There is a reason the text mistakenly used hasn't been discarded.


Our curriculum director is STILL somehow unaware of your sentiments. Don't let apathy, lack of Sharia Law information or fear of reprisal stop you from contacting your curriculum director or a Board of Education member for your district. These people will welcome your viewpoint.


Thank you for reading these thoughts and perhaps becoming more cognizant of the impact Sharia Law may have upon our future religious freedom.




George Sperry