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Tennesseans deserve opportunity for all
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Tennesseans are hardworking people who want to do a full day’s work for a full day’s pay and know that they can take care of their family. Now, however, after years of loyalty, the workers who manage our state-owned buildings, including schools and prisons find themselves unsure if they will be able to keep supporting their families.


Governor Haslam has laid out a plan eliminate these important jobs and to privatize management at state-owned facilities. If this plan would actually save our state money, it might make sense but the fact is that it won’t.


Even after the Governor paid $612,000 to 3 outsourcing consultants to study ways to eliminate jobs and privatize services, one of those consultants admitted they have found no evidence that outsourcing is the more efficient option. These consultants were paid as much as $222 an hour while the Governor asks state employees to prepare for budget cuts and layoffs.


While Governor Haslam is busy planning for layoffs and payoffs, our state legislature is doing nothing to solve the problems that hardworking Tennesseans face every day. Instead of passing Insure Tennessee, they fight over allowing guns at little league games, instead of raising the minimum wage, they pass tax cuts for millionaires, instead of making college affordable, they waste time scoring political points.


It’s no wonder that under this legislature and Governor, Tennessee has the largest share of workers making minimum wage and ranks near the bottom of college graduation rates. We can’t afford to have a legislature that spends its time playing political games and a Governor that is busy selling off our state government to the highest bidder.


Tennesseans deserve a government that is focused on building strong families and communities, not on laying off workers. Tennesseans deserve a government that is effective and accountable, not one that makes backroom deals to sell out to crony capitalists. Tennesseans deserve a government that creates opportunity for all, not just those with friends in high places.