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Thanks for being good people
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Sirs:


Today a package was delivered to our home in Indiana. That in itself is hardly remarkable.


The fact that it came from Smithville is somewhat unique, but what makes this event so special to us is how it came about.


Two weeks ago my wife and I were enjoying our drive through Tennessee and the lovely scenery we also look forward to seeing in your state. This is a trip we have been making for many years, and we prefer to do it on other than limited access highways because of the greater opportunity these other roads provide for enjoying the scenery as well as the towns and the people who live there.


On that last trip, we stopped for a snack by the side of the road and drove off, only to realize we had left a gym bag containing some important papers behind. When we returned to the spot, the bag was gone, and we feared it was not to be seen again.


However, this was not to be case thanks to the generosity, resourcefulness and caring of several citizens of DeKalb County.


By the time we arrived at our next stop, there was a message awaiting us from Ronda Butler McAbee in the County Government Office asking me to call her about our lost luggage. When I reached her, she informed me that a "fine Christian gentleman" had found our bag and brought it to their office unopened.


Upon opening it, Ronda realized we would be worried about losing what was in it and she made several attempts to try to find out how to contact us. And she did find us, much to our relief.


I offered to pay to have the bag shipped to us, but she would hear none of that, saying it would be sent as a gesture of friendship between Tennessee and Indiana. We are most grateful.


This letter is to thank not only those people who were actually involved in the process of recovering our loss, but to everyone in Smithville and DeKalb County. Thanks for being good people. Thanks for being our friends. Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of your beautiful state with two very grateful Hoosiers.


Jane and Emerson Houck