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The heaviest load I have ever lifted
From Where I Stand
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I lifted the most heavy load today that I have ever lifted in my whole life.. I placed the first shovel full of dirt into the grave where my precious son Dr. David Seber was being buried..


I placed it there with great love in my heart and tears in my eyes.. He will be deeply missed until we see him again in Glory..


That one shovel of dirt seemed to weigh a thousand pounds....not in my hands but in my heart.


David fought a hard battle with cancer before he finally gained a great victory over cancer and death through Jesus Christ as God took him home to heaven.. We all understand that we will probably outlive our parents, and may very well outlive our spouse or our siblings, but somehow we just expect our children to gather around our casket rather than us having to gather around their grave when the old ship of Zion sails away..


One more time we want to say: Thank you to everyone who came to the funeral, the funeral home, or did something to help us, or prayed for us and for him in his sickness.. We are very sorrowful, but not sorry, because God brought his homecoming to pass.. And we refuse to be sorry for that which God has sent unto us..


Like Job in the Bible.. For many years we seemed to live with a hedge built around our family.. Others had trouble but we seldom did..


Our children were a delightful joy in our life.. Our church seemed to be blessed.. It was almost as if God kept trouble away from our doors.. And finally our day of trouble came also.. And why not.. We are no better than other people..


So, we praise the Lord and thank our friends..


And here we stand