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The Joy Of Being Politically Correct..
From Where I Stand
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They told us that we needed to be accepting of other religions in America... and so we were..


They told us to be politically correct in America... and so we were..


They told us that we had nothing to fear from Islam… and so we believed it..


They assured us that a very large majority of Islamic people were peace loving… and so we believed it.. They told us that there was nothing to worry about after the destruction of the twin towers… and so we stopped worrying about it..


The people in Europe were told the same things.... but things have gone downhill there rapidly.. Maybe someone needs to tell me again because I am starting to worry a little.....    


Maybe they told me wrong...   Do you suppose...


 Twenty trillion in debt and counting.. Health care failing.. Infrastructure falling apart.. North Korea and Iran building nuclear weapons and rockets to launch them.. Isis killing all they can... China and Russia watching for their opening..


Government wasting their time on another stupid hearing because half want trump kicked out and half don't.. Our country coming apart at the seams while we abort our babies and demand transgender rights for those who don't know if they are boys or girls.. Climate change is our greatest problem, they say, but the terrorists are watching for another opportunity for a mass murder..


Someone explain to me again just how wonderful it is to be politically correct...


And so here I stand... Not very politically correct myself..  (grin..)