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There is still a hunger for a word from God in America
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Some of you may be aware that we give away Bibles in this county and in surrounding counties.. Please allow me to tell you how this came about..


You may have seen the Bibles we place at a local business place.. We now have almost twenty places where they can be found...


I wish we had kept an accurate count of the Bibles we have given away in the Bible Seed ministry... But it all kind of caught us by surprise..


About a year ago, I saw a display of free Bibles at a store in North Carolina.. Soon after returning home many of the children in the area had a "bring your Bible to school day" and some of the children didn’t have a Bible, so I borrowed a dozen from Upper Helton Baptist to give them one..


The next day I ordered a case.... thinking that ought to do me a year or so to give to anyone who needed a Bible..


But God had other plans.. Soon other people began to offer their help.. I was in revival at Pine Haven Baptist in Jamestown and I mentioned that I was giving away Bibles.. and they amazed me by taking up an offering of over nine hundred dollars.. which would surely do me as long as I would ever need money to buy Bibles..


About a week later I told the church at Upper Helton what had happened and they took up an offering of over six hundred dollars to do the same, and suddenly we had enough money on hand to buy all the Bibles we would ever need.....


I thought...


That same night they reminded me that there was still over seven hundred dollars left from a fund they were holding for me left over from when I did the tent revivals at the forks of the pike.. I told them to just deposit it in the Bible Seed money account..


Both churches and individuals felt the need to help us with this ministry.. I don’t have an accurate count, but I know that we have now given away well over a thousand Bibles..


Three or four other preachers actually do most of the work now.. I still order the Bibles and try to keep the supply available..


Where will it stop.. I don’t know.. My vision was way to small from the very start, praise God and thanks to His people..


If only one person gets saved or one backsliding Christian gets back in church or one family is held together.. it will have been worth it all.. And I take comfort in knowing these Bibles are seed that may lead to a harvest even twenty years down the road...


The seed is the Word of God according to the Bible itself..


Luke 8:11: "Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God."..


And So Here I Stand..