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They Only Started the War
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Thomas Jefferson said that America should never enter into foreign entanglements for the simple reason that such involvements could come to no good end. Winston Churchill said that a young man who is not a liberal has no heart, and an old man who is not a conservative has no brain.Now, when I vote for a conservative (which I have), I vote for a mean old man (or woman) who will keep an eye on my money and shoot anyone who comes near it.When I vote for a liberal (which I also have), I’m thinking of someone one who wants to clean up my creek and put a hugging on my trees.When I vote for an ultra-liberal doobie-puffin’ Nobel peace prize winning democrat (which I must admit I did not this time), the last thing I expect of him is to start bombing everyone who looks at him wrong “to protect them and help set them free.”I tend to believe that our last few presidents slept through history class.We as a nation have not been successful at sticking our noses into other peoples’ business since before our current Commander-in-Chief was born, so how can carpet-bombing another third world country be of any benefit to anyone involved?Like all the other countries we have entangled ourselves with-in the last few years, the Libyans have been skirmishing about since America was the home of the Cherokee and the Sioux. At this rate they will be at it long after we collapse under the weight of the bill for all those bombs we’ve dropped without the approval of congress and the American people.