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Time to Clean out the Dead Wood
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It’s time to clean out the dead wood of the Republican Party, starting with Speaker Paul Ryan. A great guy, I’m sure, but not what America needs. This boondoggle of an ‘omnibust’ bill — and yes, I did say ‘omnibust’ — is a clear sign that the Republican leadership just doesn’t get it.


Let’s think back to why the Republicans were given control of the House of Representatives in the first place. Obamacare. They were sent to Washington to stop Obamacare. Have they? Not even close. Oh, sure they’ve had a few symbolic votes to defund it, but everyone knows that’s just for show. The real resolve for stopping Obamacare comes in the funding bills, and they have shown no desire to cut funding for Obamacare even by just a little.


This latest bill was an obvious shout-out to the American people. They may as well have been saying, "Hey, America! We don’t care what you want." Let’s go over a few of the things this bill does.


It not only fully funds Obamacare, it bails out the failing health insurance companies that have signed up for the exchanges. You’ve probably noticed several big names have pulled out of the exchanges. That’s because these exchanges short-circuit the free market and make all sorts of unreasonable demands on insurance companies who participate. You’ll remember that ‘Big Insurance’ cozied up to Obama when he signed this legislation into law thinking they were going to get all sorts of subsidies. They were lied to. Imagine that. Now they’re bolting and the Paul RINO bill bails them out if they stay instead of letting the market do its thing.


We have all these people struggling to find decent jobs and the RINO bill massively expands the foreign workers program. It also funds Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program. Oh, and it fully funds sanctuary cities instead of withholding funds until they stop making themselves magnets and getting innocent citizens like Kate Steinle in San Francisco killed. And to add insult to injury, it funds tax credits for illegal aliens.


It funds NSA domestic spying. It extends tax breaks for green companies, race horses, and NASCAR. It continues to fund Obama’s war on coal. It even renews spending on the Department of Transportation’s "stimulus" program.


And at a time when we know we’re letting terrorists come in on visas with little background checking, it continues to fully fund that and the president’s Syrian refugee program.


Remember sequestration? That was the only highlight of John Boehner’s tenure as speaker. He called Obama’s bluff and they actually slowed the growth of spending under sequestration because both sides couldn’t come to a budget agreement. Sequestration has led to a substantial reduction in the deficits. The Paul RINO bill, at the request of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, completely gets rid of sequestration. In fact, Harry Reid in the senate had complained about "poison pill" riders on the legislation. Between Paul RINO and Mitch McConnell, Reid was crowing at a post-passage press conference that the Democrats had three main goals going into the negotiations and "all three goals we had, we accomplished."


Let me just tell you, when it’s a great day for Harry Reid, it’s a sad day for America, and the Republican leadership made it happen.


It’s not good enough to put Republicans in charge. They have to be fiscally responsible conservatives. Anything less and it’s business as usual. There’s a lot of dead wood that needs to be thinned out in the next election and it needs to start with a wholesale replacement of the Republican leadership.