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Time to take a stand for what is right
Letter to the Editor
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To the Editor:


As a heterosexual, Christian female I have been offended. I feel I have no rights. Everyone has rights in America, correct? Only the people that make up .3% can change the bathroom policy! Only people who make up 3.8% can make gay marriage legal! Everyone wants to talk of being offended well, guess what America? I have been offended! When you covered the White House in rainbow colors, using the sign of my God for something that is so wrong; I was offended! I am offended to think you would allow someone to choose what bathroom to use!


What kind of person changes their sex? A mentally unstable person, that’s who! Just a few years ago we would have taken these people to see a psychologist for help, not gave them rights to use the bathroom with our children. I want to know what is so wrong with hurting someone’s feelings for something that is right? I have had my feelings hurt several times; it is a part of growing and learning. So grow up America!


It is time to take a stand for what is right!


Tosha Maynard